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5784 - Yamim Noraim/High Holidays - Non Members

Welcome to Boca Raton Synagogue!

If you would like to become a member and take advantage of the many wonderful programs that our community offers, please click here. To continue non-member registration, please scroll down.

Please note: Seating preference will be given to BRS Members first. In the event that your minyan choice is unavailable, we will contact you by September 7th.

Please write in your full name and select your minyan location.
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Please select the number of children that you will be enrolling in our childcare program.
Please note: In addition to the cost of the program, there is a $20 non-member surcharge per child registered.
Youth Programming

Lulav / Esrog sets include hadasim and aravos and one set of hoshanos for Hoshana Rabbah. If you would like to purchase additional aravos and/or hoshanos, please do so here as well.
Lulav and Esrog Order
Who will be collecting your Arba Minim?
(The extra Hoshanos will be availble at BRS on Hoshana Rabba.)

Our annual Kol Nidrei Appeal is an opportunity for you to give tzedaka at this auspicious time of year. We aim for 100% participation, and look forward to including your family as a participant in this mitzvah. (Donation amounts are not listed, and no gift is too small.)

In addition to dues, there are opportunities to support specific programs of the Shul. 
Please consider making a directed donation here.
Tue, July 16 2024 10 Tammuz 5784