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Our community is welcoming to Jews of all backgrounds, and we endeavor to ensure that the needs of each of our members is met.
Please let us know about any conversions, adoptions, disabilities or illnesses in your family.

Boca Raton Synagogue Derech Eretz Statement

In the spirit of our mission “Valuing Diversity and Celebrating Unity,” we believe that a community is built on the collective engagement of individuals representing differing perspectives, whether religious, political, or social. As Boca Raton Synagogue is an environment where all of its members and visitors need to feel valued and welcomed, members are required to comport themselves in a manner which reflects mutual respect and a sense of inclusiveness.
In our Synagogue, we value debate about pressing issues. This is consistent with the American democratic tradition. Our sages saw the value of arguments conducted L”Shem Shamayim,“ for the sake of heaven, believing that great minds who engage in respectful debate will arrive at better solutions. They valued and welcomed alternate views, as do we.
“Derech Eretz,” good and proper conduct, and mutually respectful dialogue are core values of the Synagogue community. These create a “safe place” for inspiration and spiritual growth, the central purpose of the Synagogue. It is a violation of Jewish law and ethics to use harsh language (vitriol) to demonize or to marginalize people with whom one may disagree. Uncivil expression reflects negatively on our Synagogue as well as on the individuals who engage in such behavior.
Boca Raton Synagogue expects its members to act and to speak with kindness and sensitivity to others. It is only in this fashion that a strong, vibrant, and harmonious community can be created and maintained. Adherence to this policy is a requirement for membership in good standing at the Boca Raton Synagogue.
Referral of Disputes:

1. Any dispute concerning matters related to the Synagogue (including but not limited to Jewish law as interpreted and applied by the Senior Rabbi, regarding place of worship, ritual services, or ritual structure of the Synagogue), if not finally adjudicated and resolved by the Senior Rabbi, shall be submitted for final, binding, and conclusive determination to the Beth Din of America of the Rabbinical Council of America, or alternatively to such other Orthodox Jewish law tribunal (Beth Din) as shall have been fixed by the Synagogue and be generally recognized among Orthodox Jewry as authoritative. This includes any dispute:
a. By and between the Synagogue as a whole and (1) any individual member(s) within the Synagogue, or (2) any Officer, Director(s) Rabbi(s), the Executive Director, and/or the Synagogue Administrator.
b. By and between any individual member(s) or between the majority of the members and a minority consisting of even one single member.
2. No other tribunal or source shall ever be called upon to decide disputes in the above mentioned areas unless the one so designated is no longer in existence, in which event the successor institution thereto shall be the binding authority.

Therefore, the only tribunal to determine disputes other than the Senior Rabbi shall be a Beth Din, as defined in this Constitution.
Mon, July 15 2024 9 Tammuz 5784