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Kiddush & Shalosh Seudos Sponsorships

Please submit your sponsorship by Wednesday noon so that we can have it included in our Weekly.
Thank you!
Please input your name here as you would like it to appear in the Weekly.
Please input the language as you would like it to appear in the Weekly.
Hashkama Minyan Kiddush Option

Basic - $136

Chulent, water, juice, crackers, paper goods

Deluxe - $180
Basic options + Soda, Tuna, and Herring

Extra Deluxe - $260
Deluxe options + Hot dogs and Cookies

Add On
Fruit - $30
Chaburah Minyan Kiddush Options

Basic - $160

Chulent, Crackers, Water, Grape Juice, and Paper Goods

Deluxe - $220
Basic Kiddush + Herring, Cookies and Soda

Add On Options
Deli Roll - $180
Chicken Nuggets - $180
Kugel - $100
Fruit - $50
Main Minyan Kiddush Options

Basic - $300

Chulent, Grape Juice, Water, Crackers, Paper Goods

Deluxe - $500
Basic Kiddush + 2 Kugels and Soda

Add On Options
Deli Rolls $300
Chicken Poppers $400
Cookies/Cake $120
Fruit $80
Basic Kiddush is $150

Please select any of the options above if you would like to add on to the basic kiddush.
Shalosh Sheudos Options

Basic - $220
Challah, Tuna, Coleslaw, Chummus, Potato Salad, Fruit, Herring, Seltzer, Paper Goods and Water

Deluxe - $300
Basic + Cookies, Soda and Caesar Salad
Please contact Dr. Tomer Haik or Rubi Elmakies for further details.
Please contact Yudi Gross for further details.
Please contact Alan Berger or Avrohom Chayempour for further details.
Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784